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Dec 10 '10
"Recently at Twegather we have started thinking about optimizing the event creation process. I recently wrapped up an experiment (A/B) involving the event creation inputs on the front page. I was interested in seeing how users perform when changing to a single textbox input. This is a sneak peek at what’s to come for Twegather. Here are the slides from my experiment presentation and the research paper."
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Oct 13 '10

Email your event invitation! [New Feature]

Hi everyone,

We’ve been pretty busy at Twegather trying to position our product and think of new clever features. One of our crafty engineers, JC, implemented a new feature allowing users to email the event invitation to folks they would like to share the event with. It seems we might have gotten to caught up int he Twittersphere and forgot all about other forms of communication. Unfortunately we won;t be implementing any Snail Mail features anytime soon. We will however be implementing Facebook integration. Stay tuned!

Until the next time,


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Aug 16 '10
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Aug 4 '10

Update: Add a description to your Twegather event

One feature we always got asked for was to add extra details and descriptions to created events. We answered your feedback and have implemented the new feature.

After creating the event via the Twegather homepage or @Twegather DM, visit the event page.

  1. Click the ‘Click to edit or add detail’ link
  2. Enter the description information in the respective text box
  3. Click Save

There you go! As simple as 1-2-3. Please let us know what you think and provide us with feedback. You can do so by leaving a comment right here or clicking the ‘Leave Feedback’ tab on the Twegather site.


The Twegather Team

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Aug 3 '10

[Coverage] iPhone 4 Canadian Launch

Finally here! On Friday July 30th, Apple fanboys and girls all across Canada lined up to be the first to get their hands on the popular Apple device. In order to celebrate the event, we here at Twegather created a number of events for most Apple stores on the East coast. Other Twegather users joined by creating and spreading the word about where they will be lining up in the Greater Toronto area. 

Taking it a step further, yours truly (Filip Mares), lined up at the Mississauga Square One Apple store location. Arriving at 3:45am, I was shocked to find myself over 200th in line. Some had lined up since the previous day in the evening, while others chose to arrive after my arrival at a more reasonable 5am.

The doors opened at around 6:30am to let the herds in the mall. At 7am we were greeted by cheers and hi-fives from Apple store employees which then served us breakfast and lots of water in order to stay hydrated(a point that was restated throughout the day). Shortly after 7 am the first few customers in line went into the Apple store and proceeded to get their iPhone 4s activated. Unfortunately, the process was slower for some and faster for others. Those buying the iPhones unlocked proceeded to the sales desk along with Bell and Telus subscribers. Fido and Rogers customers were processed at a gruelling pace of 1 every 30min-1hr. We later found out that Rogers’ servers could just not handle the load.

I finally got my hands on my unit activate at around 12pm. It was a long wait and sadly, I’m not sure it was worth it. Some that arrived much later than myself, yet reasonably early in the morning could not be processed on Friday and were asked to return on Saturday. I do consider myself lucky to have gotten it the first day, but the lack of sleep and standing up for hours took its toll on my system. I’m glad to have experienced the waiting in line at the Apple store, but next time I’ll opt for the pre-order. 

Until the next time,

V. Filip Mares

Jul 20 '10

[Coverage] TweetUp Ottawa July 16th

On Friday July 16th, the 1st TweetUp Ottawa took place at the Standard Tavern. The event hosted some of Ottawas up and coming entrepreneurs, marketers and social media mavens. It was a great opportunity for a social setting to discuss the future of social media and network with like minded change makers.

The events will take place on a quarterly basis. Make sure to checkout the event list on Twegather for more meetups in your area. 

-The Twegather Team

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May 13 '10
"Strategy without tactics is the slow road to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."
Sun Tzu
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